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Windows Deluxe Edition 2009 | Multibootable

Windows.Deluxe.Edition.2009 | Multibootable | 1.09 GB

Boot Menu Contains
1) Windows XP Deluxe Edition 2009 (All Driver Version)
2) Hiren's Live CD 9.8
3) Hiren's Boot CD 9.8
4) Acronis True Image 2009
5) Norton Ghost 11.5
6) Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista Password Reset
7) Partition Magic PRO 8.05
8 ) Boot from HDD
9) Restart
Windows Sidebar 6.0.6001.22303 + Alky for Applications 1.1
VB Runtimes Pack Release 7
.NET Framework All-In-One
SPTD Driver 1.56
Microsoft Silverlight 2.0.40115.0
Adobe® Flash® Player Plugin
Adobe® Flash® Player ActiveX
Adobe Shockwave Player
Java™ 6 Update 13
Vista Fonts
Vista Aero-Glass-Shadow Cursors
New Sounds
New User Pictures
New Aero Themes
New Boot + Logon Screen
New Aero Boot Menu
Right Click Extensions
Internet Explorer 8
Windows Media Player 11 (New Theme)

Drivers Integrated
- All In One Driver -
* DriverPack Chipset
* DriverPack CPU
* DriverPack Graphics A
* DriverPack Graphics B
* DriverPack Graphics C
* DriverPack LAN
* DriverPack MassStorage
* DriverPack Sound A
* DriverPack Sound B
* DriverPack WLAN
* DriverPack USB
* DriverPack WebCam
* DriverPack HID
* DriverPack Misc

KB281981 - Disconnected sessions retain the original variable
KB887606 - FIX: The Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) uses cached credentials incorrectly
KB889320 v2 - When you disable the Windows Firewall service on your Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer, the Computer Browser service stops after five minutes and Event ID 7023 is logged in the Event Viewer
KB898461 - Software update 898461 installs a permanent copy of the Package Installer for Windows version
KB909520 v1 - Description of the software update for Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider
KB915800 v4 - A hotfix is available for Windows Desktop Search document IFilters in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
KB917275 - How to obtain Windows Rights Management Services with Service Pack 2
KB922120 v6 - Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP
KB923561 - MS09-010: Description of the update for Windows WordPad Converter: April 14, 2009
KB927436 v2 - Error message when you attach a device that loads the Serscan.sys driver to a computer that is running Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, or Windows Server 2003: "DRIVER_VERIFIER_IOMANAGER_VIOLATION (c9)"
KB932716 v2 - Description of the Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) update package that is dated June 26, 2007
KB934401 - When you run the "Ipconfig /displaydns" command in Windows Server 2003, the results are incomplete
KB960225 - MS09-007: Vulnerability in SChannel could allow spoofing
KB960253 - You encounter issues when you create shortcuts in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008, and then you try to use these shortcuts in an earlier version of Windows
KB960655 - You encounter several problems on a Windows XP SP3-based computer when the EAP-TLS machine authentication fails during system startup
KB960680 v2 - A hotfix is available to update the Slovak koruna currency symbol (Sk) to the Euro currency symbol (€) and to update the Turkish currency symbol from Yeni Türk Lirası (YTL) to Türk Lirası (TL)
KB960715 - Microsoft Security Advisory: Update Rollup for ActiveX Kill Bits
KB960803 - MS09-013: Vulnerabilities in Windows HTTP services could allow remote code execution
KB960921 - If you start a Windows XP-based portable computer while it is running on battery power, the brightness of the LCD screen is not decreased as expected
KB960970 - An IEEE 1394 network adapter that is installed on a Windows XP-based computer is not listed in Device Manager
KB961067 - When you search some specific terms in the German version of Windows XP, the search results are incorrect
KB961118 - Install this update to resolve an issue in which an Inbox Printer driver may be unsigned after you install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
KB961373 - MS09-011: Vulnerability in Microsoft DirectShow could allow remote code execution
KB961451 v2 -
KB961503 - You cannot input characters as expected by using a non-English Input Method Editor in Windows Live Messenger on a Windows XP-based computer
KB961729 -
KB961742 -
KB961853 v2 - Error message when you try to access a network share in a private network: "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request"
KB963038 - Error message when you establish a remote desktop connection to a remote computer that is running Windows XP: "STOP: 0x1000008E"
KB965220 -
KB967705 -
KB967756 - After you uninstall some software updates in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008, some assembly files may still reflect the updated version instead of the original version of the files
KB967882 - Messages that contain double-byte characters are not displayed correctly on a Windows XP-based computer when you use Communicator to communicate with a Macintosh user
KB968730 - Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP clients cannot obtain certificates from a Windows Server 2008-based certification authority (CA) if the CA is configured to use SHA2 256 or higher encryption
KB968764 -
KB969111 -
KB969179 -
KB969262 - Windows XP stops responding when heavy I/O operations occur on an NTFS-formatted volume.
KB969356 v2 -
KB969442 -
KB970084 - A hotfix is available to update the Daylight Saving Time for the "(GMT +5:00) Islamabad, Karachi" time zone for the year 2009 for Windows XP-based, Windows Server 2003-based, Windows Vista-based and Windows Server 2008-based computers
Internet Explorer 8, included:
KB968220-IE8 - A Compatibility View list update that is dated March 19, 2009 is available for Windows Internet Explorer 8
Windows Media Player 11, included:
KB928788 - FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may not work correctly when you use the Media Sharing feature to stream Windows Media format video content across a home network
KB929399 - You repeatedly receive a message to install update 929399 on a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows XP
KB929773 - FIX: You hear an unexpected noise or a problem in the audio playback when you play back a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file on certain hardware devices
KB932390 - FIX: The encoder cannot use the Windows Media Audio 9 Voice codec after you install Windows Media Player 11 on a computer that uses Windows Media Encoder 9 Series
KB933547 - FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may crash if you plug in certain flash memory devices while you use Windows Media Player in Windows XP
KB935551 - FIX: Device connection is disconnected when you synchronize lots of files between Windows Media Player 11 and a Windows Mobile device
KB935552 - FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may stop responding when you transfer media to a device that uses the Media Transfer Protocol and then you cancel the transfer process
KB939209 - FIX: When you use an application to play DRM-protected video content in Windows XP, the application may fail
KB939683 - FIX: Update for Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP
KB941569 - MS07-068: Vulnerability in Windows Media file format could allow remote code execution
KB944882 - FIX: The memory for an application increases for each file that you transfer when you transfer media from a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows XP to a portable device
KB952069 v2 - Vulnerabilities in Windows Media Components Could Allow Remote Code Execution (959807)
KB954067 - FIX: You see lower quality video when you use Windows Media Encoder 9 Series or a similar Windows Media Format SDK-based encoder to encode a video
KB954154 - MS08-054: Vulnerability in Windows Media Player could allow remote code execution
KB959772 - You cannot play content that is protected by Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Manager in Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 after you upgrade Windows Media Player or the operating system
MSXML 4.0 SP3 v4.30.2100.0
Microsoft.NET Framework v1.1.4322.2407
DirectX for WinXP Post-SP3 March Update (including DirectX for Managed Code for .NET 1.x)
Microsoft & Windows Update v7.2.6001.788
Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control v7.0.6000.569
(KB892130) Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.9.40.0/(KB905474) Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications v1.9.40.0
(KB890830) Malware Removal Tool v2.9
(KB940157 & KB961184) Windows Search 4.0
Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update 1.2
(KB955305) Microsoft Silverlight v2.0.40115.0
Adobe Flash Player v10.0.22.87
(KB931125) Root Certificate Update - February 2009
QFEcheck v6.2.29.0
(KB873374) GDI+ Detection Tool
(KB952013) Windows Feature Pack for Storage 1.0 - ICCD Smart Card Driver

File : Windows.Deluxe.Edition.2009.v.1.0.By.M.Baran.iso
File Size : 1.09 GB
CRC32 : DE9D32AA
MD5 : A92FC100559655F1BE33B86B4EE8D512
SHA-1 : B827E7C2C59B7A67CCDFFB7FC0D862276DADD921

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Norton™ Internet Security 2010 + Trail Reset to 366day

Norton Internet Security™ 2010 With 30 Days License.

Key Technologies

* Anti Virus
* Anti Rootkit
* Bot Protection
* NEW! Norton Threat Insight
* NEW! Professional Strength AntiSpam
* NEW! Norton File Insight

Key Benefits

* NEW Delivers clear threat and performance explanations—Gives you greater insight into downloaded applications and files by telling you where they came from, if they can be trusted, and how they may impact your PC’s resources and performance.
* NEW Identifies unsafe web sites right in your search results—Warns you of dangerous web sites and suspicious sellers so you can surf and shop online with confidence.
* IMPROVED! Stops online identity theft, viruses, spyware, bots and more—Guards your PC, online activities, and your identity against all types of Internet threats.


Intelligent Protection

* NEW! Norton IdentitySafe On-the-Go lets you access your most up-to-date log-ins and passwords on any Norton Internet Security 2010 protected PC.
* NEW! Norton Safe Web identifies unsafe and dangerous web sites right in your search results.
* NEW! Analyzes downloads, files and applications and tells you if they can be trusted before you install and use them.

* NEW! Parental Controls give you insight into your kids’ online activities so you can teach them good Internet habits and help keep them safe.
* NEW! Professional-strength antispam protection uses the same technology as many large businesses to effectively block unwanted emails.
* IMPROVED! Norton Protection System delivers multiple layers of security that work together to provide comprehensive Internet threat protection.
* IMPROVED! Norton IdentitySafe offers one-click log-ins and automatic form filling to prevent key loggers from stealing your information as you type.
* IMPROVED! Vulnerability Protection guards security holes in your operating system, applications, browsers and browser plug-ins.
* IMPROVED! Detects and gets rid of even the hardest to find Internet Explorer and Firefox cookies.
* IMPROVED! Norton Bootable Recovery Tool repairs, restores and boots severely infected, unbootable PCs.
* Industry-leading anti-phishing technology authenticates safe sites and protects you from visiting unsafe and fraudulent web sites.
* Smart Firewall stops hackers and makes intelligent security decisions for you.

Engineered for Speed

* IMPROVED! Proven fastest, lightest security suite for protection that won’t slow you down, get in your way, or swallow up system resources.*
* IMPROVED! Norton Insight scans only files at risk for fewer, shorter scans and the fastest scanning times in the industry. *
* Uses less memory than any other security suite. *
* Won’t slow you down when you download, copy, or edit files, or install applications. *

Combats today’s rapid-fire attacks

* NEW! Norton Insight Network uses Symantec’s global security network to provide real-time protection from the latest-breaking threats.
* NEW! SONAR 2 (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) uses online intelligence and proactive monitoring to detect and stop new threats.
* Norton Pulse Updates provide rapid mini updates every 5 to 15 minutes for up-to-the-minute local protection against the latest threats.
* Prevents bots from taking control of your PC.
* Finds and removes rootkits.
* Prevents Internet worms from getting on your PC.
* Tells you which application processes currently running on your PC are safe and which are at risk.
* Norton Bootable Recovery Tool provides a deep level of cleaning for heavily infected PCs.

Provides info on threats, downloads and files

* NEW! Norton Download Insight warns you of dangerous downloads before you install and use them.
* NEW! Norton Threat Insight tells you if threats were detected, what actions the threats attempted to perform on your system, and how Norton Internet Security eliminated those threats.
* NEW! Norton File Insight tells you where files and applications came from, if they’re trusted, and how they may be impacting your PC’s speed.

Helps keep your PC running at top speed

* NEW! Norton System Insight helps you improve and maintain PC and application performance.
* NEW! Automatic and on-demand application optimization improves application performance.
* NEW! Norton System Insight gives you an overview of recent events on your PC such as installs, downloads, scans and detected threats, so you can see what events may have impacted your PC’s performance.
* NEW! Norton System Insight resource usage graphs help you pinpoint what’s causing your PC to slow down.
* NEW! Tells you how files and applications impact your PC’s performance.

Protection without disruption

* NEW! Automatically delays product updates and other tasks if you’re watching TV or burning CDs/DVDs.
* NEW! Power Saver Settings help extend portable PC battery life by putting off power-intensive activities until your computer is plugged in.
* Smart Scheduler conducts scans and other tasks only when your PC is idle.
* Automatically switches to Silent Mode (no alerts, updates or scans) when watching movies or playing games in full-screen mode.

Additional Features

* NEW! Monthly report tells you what Norton Internet Security has done in the past month to protect you and your PC.
* Free 24x7 support by phone, email, live chat or online knowledge base.**
* Automatically scans emails and IMs for infections.
* Maps and monitors your home wireless network so you can see everything connected to it — even unauthorized visitors like the PC next door.
* Automatically downloads protection updates and new product features as they become available during your service period.
* With the Norton Automated Renewal Service your yearly subscription can be automatically renewed for uninterrupted protection.

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later *** Home/Professional/Media Center
Microsoft Windows Vista® (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Minimum Hardware Requirements

* 300 MHz or faster processor
* 256 MB of RAM (512 MB RAM required for Recovery Tool)
* 300 MB of available hard disk space
* CD-ROM or DVD drive (if not installing via electronic download)

Support for AntiSpam

* Microsoft Outlook® 2002 or later ***
* Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 or later ***
* Windows Mail (spam filtering only)

Browser support for Vulnerability Protection and Phishing Protection

* Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher (32-bit only) ***
* Mozilla Firefox® 3.0 and later ***

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Pro SERIAL KEY+DIRECT LINK+MSDN

1)Visual C# 2008
2)Visual C++ 2008
3)Visual Basic 2008
4)Visual Web Developer 2008
5)Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
6)Microsoft Crystal Report Basic For Visual Studio 2008
7)Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Professional Edition was engineered to support development projects that target the Web (including ASP.NET AJAX), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, The 2007 Microsoft Office system, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Mobile devices. The number of platforms that developers must target to meet business needs is increasing rapidly. Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition provides the integrated toolset for addressing all of these needs by providing a superset of the functionality available in Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition.

Today’s developers face the challenge of targeting a broad range of platforms and crafting applications that quickly deliver value to the business. Integrated designers and language features in Visual Studio allow developers to build the connected applications demanded by today’s businesses while taking advantage of the .NET Framework 3.5 to reduce development time.

Deliver high-performance applications
Connect to the data you need, regardless of its location, and build data driven applications using Language Integrated Query (LINQ).

Build great client applications
Develop compelling solutions that leverage the user experience and capabilities of the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista®.

Build powerful Web applications
Build rich, interactive applications using the ASP.NET AJAX interactive Web interfaces.

Requirments :
Requirements vary for different combinations of components within Visual Studio 2008 Professional Editions. To install Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, you need:
Computer with a 1.6 GHz or faster processor
Visual Studio 2008 can be installed on the following operating systems:
Windows Vista® (x86 & x64) - all editions except Starter Edition
Windows® XP (x86 & x64) with Service Pack 2 or later - all editions except Starter Edition
Windows Server® 2003 (x86 & x64) with Service Pack 1 or later (all editions)
Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86 and x64) or later (all editions)
384 MB of RAM or more (768 MB of RAM or more for Windows Vista)
2.2 GB of available hard-disk space
5400 RPM hard drive
1024 x 768 or higher-resolution display

Download Links:

Visual Studio 2008:


MSDN Library 2008:

farmville extreme manager 3

With Farming Extreme Manager you can:
- Automatically Harvest, Plow and Plant your farm!
- Automatically Collect from your Animals!
- Automatically Harvest your Trees
- Automatically Accomplish Ribbons!
- Automatically help every neighbor and fertilize their farms!!!
- Level Up Really Fast using the plow/plant/destroy trick! (Up to 80.000 exp per day!)
- Automatically repeat everything indefinitely!
(you can plant multiple times while you sleep. The application will close every pop-up message that shows up and even reloads your farm in case of an out-of-sync error)

Farming Extreme Manager was made to attend these issues, allowing you to harvest, plow and plant all your farm terrain, collect from your animals and harvest your trees with just one click. In fact, since this application actually knows how much time a certain seed takes to get ready, it can start the process again as soon as the seeds are ready, with no human intervention at all. And it will do this indefinetely for as long as you want. It is even clever enough to dismiss every box that happen to show up (like a friend asking for help, a conquered ribbon or a level passed) and continue the work!

This means you can tell the application to plant 2-hour seeds before you go to bed and after your 8-hour sleep, you will see that you have grown 4 entire crops of those seeds, climbing your experience points to a much higher level as well as your money.

Besides, the application also helps you accomplish the Ribbons/Tasks. For example, the ribbon "Good Samaritan" requires you (in the latest level) to help your neighbours 2500 times. This is just incredibly not reasonable and if you would do it manually, it would require hundreds of hours from your time doing highly boring work. However, Farming Extreme Manager does this all automatically for you, allowing you to go have a coffee and come back just to found you helped your friends and fertilized their farms hundreds of times, thus being closer to the ribbon, having more money and more experience.

Download links:

Step 1: Install the Manager then crack it
Step 2: Open Network Connections(at Control Panel)
Step 3: Disable Local Area Connection
Step 4: Run the Manager
Step 5: Enable Local Area Connection
Step 6: Play FarmVille

WideAngle Software TouchCopy 09 v9.35

WideAngle Software TouchCopy 09 v9.35 -Lz0


TouchCopy from Wide Angle Software is a simple utitlity for all Apple lovers. It allows you to transfer files, music, videos or playlists from your PC to iPod or iPhone. Yes, of course you can use iTunes, but not everyone likes it so this is a great alternative.

Transfer Music, Playlists, Photos and Videos from any iPod or iPhone to your PC or Mac.



* Works with all models of iPod and iPhone.
* Transfer Playlists, Album Art and all iPod metadata into iTunes.
* Manage Contacts, Calendars and Notes on your iPod.
* Copy iPod/iPhone photos, including those taken on the iPhone.
* Copy files to and from your iPod Touch or iPhone.
* Comes with free software upgrades and free customer support.


Not all features are available for all models of iPods.

Installation NFO:

Install TouchCopy and close.
Copy crack to Installation folder and overwrite.

**** Always remember to block applications (or go off line) from calling home 'during install'.
Once installed, disable 'check for automatic updates' option if available, so that you don't get it blacklisted.
.....Unless stated otherwise.

PLATFORM: Windows XP/Vista/ 7
FILES : 11.5mb
FIX : Crack

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Logo Creator 5.0

Logo Creator 5.0
Create incredible logo designs that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over! It’s like having your own logo design studio… without the studio! With The Logo Maker – you’ll get a portfolio full of logos that you can modify and customize yourself… for far less than what a designer will charge.
Sell the logos you create! – That’s right! If you’re a graphics designer, logo maker, webmaster, small business owner, entrepreneur or service provider … you can sell the logos you create to your own customers!

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2010( Final with Activation keys : Commercial License.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 – the all-in-one security solution that offers a worry-free computing environment for you and your family. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience.

Kaspersky Internet Security 9.0 – is a new line of Kaspersky Labs products, which is designed for the multi-tiered protection of personal computers. This product is based on in-house protection components, which are based on variety of technologies for maximum levels of user protection regardless of technical competencies. This product utilizes several technologies, which were jointly developed by Kaspersky Labs and other companies; part of them is implemented via online-services.
Our products for home and home office are specifically designed to provide hassle-free and quality protection against viruses, worms and other malicious programs, as well as hacker attacks, spam and spyware.

During product preparation several competitor offerings were considered and analyzed - firewalls, security suites systems, which position themselves as proactive in defence and HIPS systems. Combination of in-hosue innovative developments and results from analysis gathered through the industry allowed to jump onto a new level of protection for personal users, whereby offering even more hardened and less annoying computer protection from all types of electronic threats – malicious programs of different types, hacker attacks, spam mailings, program-root kits, phishing emails, advertisement popup windows etc.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 All Features:

Essential Protection:
* Protects from viruses, Trojans and worms
* Blocks spyware and adware
* Scans files in real time (on access) and on demand
* Scans email messages (regardless of email client)
* Scans Internet traffic (regardless of browser)
* Protects instant messengers (ICQ, MSN)
* Provides proactive protection from unknown threats
* Scans Java and Visual Basic scripts

Extended Protection:
* Two-way personal firewall
* Safe Wi-Fi and VPN connections
* Intrusion prevention system
* Intelligent application management and control
o automatically configured application rules
o security rating is assigned to unknown applications
o access to the user’s resources and data is restricted for unknown applications

Preventive Protection:
* Scans operating system and installed applications for vulnerabilities
* Analyzes and closes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities
* Disables links to malware sites
* Detects viruses based on the packers used to compress code
* Global threat monitoring (Kaspersky Security Network)

Advanced Protection & Recovery:
* The program can be installed on infected computers
* Self-protection from being disabled or stopped
* Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software
* Tools for creating a rescue disk

Data & Identity Theft Protection:
* Disables links to fake (phishing) websites
* Blocks all types of keyloggers
* Virtual keyboard is provided for safely entering logins and passwords
* Prevents the theft of data exchanged via secure connections (HTTPS / SSL)
* Blocks unauthorized dial-up connections
* Cleans up any traces of user activity (deletes temporary files, cookies etc.)

Content Filtering:
* Parental control
* Improved antispam protection (plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, The Bat!, Thunderbird)
* Blocks banners on web pages

* Automatic configuration during installation
* Wizards for common tasks
* Visual reports with charts and diagrams
* Alerts provide all the information necessary for informed user decisions
* Automatic or interactive mode
* Round-the-clock technical support
* Automatic database updates

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is a comprehensive data protection tool, which provides not only anti-virus protection but also protection against spam and network attacks. The application's components also enable users to protect their computers against currently unknown threats and phishing, and to restrict users' access to the Internet. The multifaceted protection covers all channels for data transfer and exchange. All components can be flexibly configured, allowing users to tailor Kaspersky Internet Security to their specific needs.

New in protection:
* Improved HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System) technology assigns a danger rating to unknown programs. The Application Control component uses HIPS to define rules for new and already known applications, which may restrict their access to the file and operating systems.
* Innovative Sandbox technology has been implemented, which uses virtualization to create a secure environment for program execution. New software can be tested in this environment, which isolates the host operating system from all changes. There is no limit to the number of Internet browsers and other applications which can run simultaneously in a sandbox.
* Increased use of Kaspersky Security Network considerably decreases the threat response time, due to information received from other users. The service aims to minimize the time necessary to detect and neutralize new types of threats. When a user starts a program, the service checks it against white lists and Urgent Detection System lists on Kaspersky Lab's servers.
* The protection of personal user data has been extended and enhanced. For instance, Kaspersky Internet Security automatically prevents inadvertent users from accessing known phishing web sites, and blocks keylogger programs, which are designed to steal passwords and access codes.
* The new Script Emulator analyzes the behavior of scripts, to assess their potential harmfulness. It simulates the operation of the Java Script and Visual Basic Script engines, which are supported by default in Microsoft Internet Explorer and are built in to Microsoft Windows.
* The new IM Anti-Virus component ensures the safe operation of most instant messaging applications. The component scans messages for the presence of malicious objects.
* Improvements to the Virtual keyboard component provide safer entry of personal information, by protecting data from being intercepted by spyware and preventing screenshot capture.
* Significant improvements to the Anti-Spam component now provide two methods for detecting spam: exact and expert. Exact methods apply strict filtering criteria to a message, which determine unambiguously whether or not a message is spam. Expert methods investigate email messages that have passed strict filtering criteria. As such messages cannot be unambiguously considered spam, the component calculates the probability that they are spam.
* Components of Kaspersky Internet Security can be temporarily disabled, to improve computer performance. This can be useful during the use of resource-hungry applications such as network games.
* Monitoring access to phishing websites and protection against phishing attacks are performed by scanning links in messages and on web pages, and also by using the database of phishing addresses when an attempt to access websites is detected. You can check whether a web address is included in the phishing database, using the Web Anti-Virus, IM Anti-Virus or Anti-Spam component.
* Improvements have been made to all the application's existing components, including the Firewall, Parental Control, and Anti-Spam components, and particularly the Heuristic analyzer.
* The anti-virus kernel of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 has been significantly improved, to provide more efficient malware detection. The application shows higher performance on Windows Vista operating systems, as compared to previous versions of Kaspersky Internet Security.
* Kaspersky Internet Security includes the URL scanning module managed by Web Anti-Virus. This module scans links on the web page, comparing the website addresses against its database of suspicious and phishing websites. This module is provided for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers as a plug-in.
* The update procedure has been improved. Kaspersky Internet Security's databases are now updated not only according to their schedule, but also when new security threats appear.
* The creation of Rescue Disks has been improved. The service should be used when the infection reaches a level at which the computer cannot be disinfected using either anti-virus applications, or malware removal utilities such as Kaspersky AVPTool. The improved Rescue Disks provide more efficient disinfection because malware programs do not gain control when the operating system is being loaded.

New in the application interface:
* The application interface has been completely redesigned, to make Kaspersky Internet Security significantly more accessible to first-time users.
* Kaspersky Internet Security features an automatic mode in which the application automatically makes optimal decisions, so avoiding excessive requests to the user.

Download links:

Kis 2010 v. en application :

Here is some Keys for the Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 v. and Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 v.

All keys are compatible with both version of kaspersky internet seccurity viz. Kis8 and Kis9. So Enjoy and Hit the "++" rating.

Have a nice day. :)

How to Activate KIS 2010 using Key files:

Here is pictorial shots on how to activate your Kis 2010 using key file. [ you already know how to activate Kis8):

Note:*** Please keep the internet connection off. second if your installed key is blocked/blacklisted then first delete the installed key from the license window and then continue. please see below picture: *** :

Or, if you are activating first time then follow the following steps:

Please chose for activate license and follow the step wise pictorial shots for activation:

Step-1. Chose the option " Activate trial License" and click "Next" button as shown in below picture:


Step-2. you will get the error message as shown in below picture. Here click on "OK" button.


Step-3. Now you will get this below window. Here click on browse button to select for the valid key where you have saved it.


step-4. Now you have browsed for the valid key and selected it for activation as shown in below picture. Now click on Next button>


Step-5. Your key has been successfully installed. enjoy. ( if not then select for another valid key with the same process).



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Bro I Have already installed a trial key.How will I Install a commercial Key replacing the trial key file now??


My key has been blocked/blacklisted. now how will I reactivate it using key file?


Click on the license on the main page at the bottom. then click on the red cross "X" mark against the license as shown below:


It will ask you "Are you sure you want to delete the key?" here click on "Yes" button.
and after this follow the procedure of activation via key file mentioned above. enjoy! :)

Kis Keys for Activation:(added on 2nd Nov' 2009 after blacklisting)
Online Activation Code for Kis 2009 v.


Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2010 Update 20091021

Kaspersky Boot Rescue Disk - Kaspersky Lab's newest development, which allows you to completely kill any viruses, including even the most dangerous, with which it is impossible to get to boot Windows.
Extras: The program is an iso-image of a multiboot disk. To work with him, you need to burn an ISO image to CD disc, then insert a disc in the CD-ROM, and boot from it. A unique feature of this tool is that it allows for booting from BIOS, even going into the system shell Windows.
In fact, this almighty tool to combat viruses. Having him there, you can save a bad computer, and all the valuable information on it.

Save the image to a CD using popular programs such as Nero, Alcohol, CloneCD, etc. Do not burn the disc at high speed, because you may have trouble reading. The optimum speed - 8h.

Expose in the BIOS to boot from CD-ROM. Enter the BIOS setup screen can be strarte computer by pressing "Delete" or "F2", depending on the motherboard. In the future, if you do not have to wait 2-5 minutes., The program itself will create an information environment, and is run antivirus starter screen.

The unique technology introduced by developers, anti-virus has reached a new level. Now you can easily cope with the new and dangerous viruses, while maintaining operating system Windows.

Download Links:

Sage ACT! Premium 2010 v12.0.409.0


ACT! by Sage 2010 helps you organize all the details of your customer relationships in one place for a complete view of the people you do business with. Improve your marketing effectiveness to attract new customers and get more from existing relationships. And, take action on your most qualified sales leads with total visibility and control of your pipeline.

In a weaker economy, it’s tempting to "wait it out," but consider the cost of doing nothing. ACT! helps you grow your business by attracting new customers and getting more from existing relationships.

Organize all the details of your customer relationships. Strong business relationships are essential to your success. Get a complete view of the people you do business with, plus instant access to past interactions and e-mails sent. Next time a customer calls, you’re prepared with a response about what you discussed last time, as well as personal details to set your business apart
Generate actionable demand with end-to-end E-marketing1. Not only can you create and send striking e-mail and drip marketing campaigns using a simple online editor, you’ll also be able to quickly identify your most interested prospects using a ranked call list so you know who to reach out to first.

Take action on your most qualified sales leads. Focus on your most viable leads by capturing and managing each lead through the sales process. Record detailed progress notes, include your products and services, and see the probability of close. This gives you total visibility and control of your sales pipeline.

Be more productive right away. Don't worry about a learning curve. ACT! is easy to learn and use. In fact, you can be 25%2 more productive by simply choosing ACT! over the competition. See how.

Integrate with your existing business solutions. Take full advantage of the familiar solutions you've already invested in. Integrate ACT! with your e-mail, calendar, and more than 10 popular business solutions, including Outlook®, Word, Excel®, and Lotus Notes®.

ACT! is more powerful and effective than e-mail and spreadsheet solutions, but easier to use, quicker to get up and running, and less costly and complex than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.
Manage relationships by keeping everything—phone numbers, e-mails, conversation notes, meeting and activity history, documents, social media profiles, and more—in ACT!.
Search and instantly access the exact customer relationship details you need using the most basic keyword search to a more advanced field search.
Be more productive by scheduling and tracking meetings and activities. Tasks roll over if not complete, can be cleared, and appear as history with your customer relationship details.
Market effectively using ACT! E-marketing1 to create and send e-mail and drip marketing campaigns, track open and click-through rates, and manage opt-outs.
Sell more by tracking each sales lead through the sales process where you can capture detailed progress notes, include your products and services, and see the probability of close.
Measure results using 50+ reports and dashboards, or for deeper analysis, send most reports to Microsoft® Excel® and use connections to third-party report writers.
Share and secure relationship details across your business with data-sharing options for teams of multiple sizes, and set security by employee profile and customer information.
Personalize ACT! to fit the way you run your business by designing views, adding fields and tabs, editing drop-downs, and customizing templates.
Access ACT! from anywhere with Windows® and Web2 options, plus from your BlackBerry®3 or iPhone™3.
Integrate with your existing solutions, including Microsoft Outlook®, Word, Excel, and Lotus Notes®—over 10 business solutions in all.
Administer and maintain using Silent Install4,5 administration and activation, and take advantage of automatic backup, maintenance, and synchronization options.

Installation NFO:

1. Install
2. Click "Register Now"
3. Continue with "I have purchased Act
4. Generate a serial with our keymaker
5. Select phone activation
6. Copy install code to the keygen
7. Generate activation code (based on serial)
8. activate and enjoy ...
9. JD!

**** Always remember to block applications (or go off line) from calling home 'during install'.
Once installed, disable 'check for automatic updates' option if available, so that you don't get it blacklisted.
.....Unless stated otherwise.

PLATFORM: Windows XP/Vista/ 7 - Supported
FILES : 368mb
FIX : KeyMaker

Download Links:


AudioTester v2.2d b6

AudioTester v2.2d b6


AudioTester - a program of the series 3 in 1: spectrum analyzer, generator, ostsilograf. Works with a sound card. Program AudioTester if the sound card turns your computer into a versatile sound generator with enhanced capabilities. A very useful program to adjust the sound to your audio system.


With the help of a high quality soundcard your PC will be an audio lab. You measure frequency responses of loudspeakers crossovers, distortion of any audio equipment and impulse responses of loudspeaker systems. Sound and tones to wave files ...

· Sound and tones to wave files
· Asyncrone Impulsmeasurement
· Measurement of Distortions vs. Power
· Measurement of Thiele Small Parameter
· 3D-Diagram for waterfall plots
· Time Diagram above the frequency-diagram
· Presets for all settings
· Frequency measurement with dirac and MLS impulses
· Impedance plots of loadspeakers
· Up to 8 curves with up to 8 Y scales in the 2D diagram
· Display filter for the curves
· Automatic switching of the curves at serial measurement
· Copy from curves with Drag'n Drop
· Scaling of the diagram to 0dB = max. value or 1kHz
· Symbol sight of the measuremet schematic
· Spectrumanalyse with Fast-Fourier-Transformation
· Distortion, Level Analyser and THD N with several filters
· Measurement of single harmonics (H2 - H9)
· Correction files to make the frequency response linear
· Diagram scale while measuring
· Support of absolute level units (dbV, dbu) after calibration
· Storing diagrams as bitmaps or textfiles
· Storing measured values as textfile
· Storing of single curves
· Print and Clipboard funtions
· Optional ASIO Support *
· OnLine help (german and englisch)
· Windows XP recommended
* ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


Versions History V2.2

V2.2d Build 6 2009/Dec/5 SoundWave DLL V3.12 start time improved

Installation NFO:

Install and close
Use the keymaker. After that copy the keyfile into the program-directory of each program (audioT, osci, wavegen).

**** Always remember to block applications (or go off line) from calling home 'during install'.
Once installed, disable 'check for automatic updates' option if available, so that you don't get it blacklisted.
.....Unless stated otherwise.

PLATFORM: Windows NT/2000/XP
FILES : 4.8mb
FIX : KeyMaker

Download Links:


TestKing - Complete SelfTest Software Practice Exams

TestKing - Complete SelfTest Software Practice Exams


TestKing Complete SelfTest Software Practice Exams

This is the COMPLETE SelfTest software practice exam catalog featuring 147 CBTs from vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Novel, CompTIA just to name a few. This has been IMHO one of the more difficult series of exams to find with a working patch due to the online activation.

Testking is the product of over six years of dedicated hard work and certification achievements. Having learned the hard way to learn IT Exam material and developing excellent tools for achieving, not an easy way, but a smart way to achieve certification success in any field.

Developed for Administrators and Engineers by Administrators and Engineers in the daily grind. Fellow technology gurus have pulled together to make the single best location online to find your practice exams and to study for your next test, whether it be Microsoft, Cisco, CheckPoint or any other industry standard technology.

Our success is built on the success of those who have gone before you. Testking continued success is the result of phenomenal word-of-mouth and friendly referrals. It is our famous study guides and prep labs that will grab your attention - but all roads lead to the Testking practice exams and Questions and Answers - the ultimate training resource.

Testking is built on the core knowledge from our technical training staff and through community and the natural infrastructure of social networking.

Microsoft Certifications

70-086 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0
70-210 Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
70-214 Implemening and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network
70-215 Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
70-216 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
70-217 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
70-218 Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment
70-219 Designing a Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure + 4 Case Studies
70-220 Designing Security for a Windows 2000 Network + 4 Case Studies
70-221 Designing a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure + 4 Case Studies
70-222 Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000
70-223 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Clustering Services by Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
70-224 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
70-225 Designing and Deploying a Messaging Infrastructure with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
70-226 Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies
70-227 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, Enterprise Edition
70-228 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
70-229 Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
70-230 Designing and Implementing Solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000, Enterprise Edition
70-232 Implemting and Maintaining Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies and Microsoft Application Center 2000
70-234 Designing and Implementing Solutions with Microsoft Commerce Server 2000
70-244 Supporting and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Network
70-270 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional
70-271 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System
70-272 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System
70-282 Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for a Small- and Medium-Sized Business
70-284 Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
70-285 Designing a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Organization
70-290 Mangaing and Maintaining a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Environment
70-291 Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
70-292 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSA Certified on Windows 2000
70-293 Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infractructure
70-294 Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infractructure
70-296 Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSA Certified on Windows 2000
70-297 Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infractructure
70-298 Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network
70-299 Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network
70-300 Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solutions Architectures
70-301 Managing, Organizing, and Delivering IT Projects by Using Microsoft Solutions Framework 3.0
70-305 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
70-306 Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
70-310 Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework
70-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
70-316 Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
70-320 Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework
70-330 Implementing Security for Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
70-340 Implementing Security for Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET

Microsoft Office Certifications

Access 2003 Core
Excel 2003 Core
Excel 2003 Expert
Outlook 2003 Core
PowerPoint 2003 Core
Word 2003 Core
Word 2003 Expert
Access 2000 Core
Excel 2000 Core
Excel 2000 Expert
PowerPoint 2000 Core
Word 2000 Core
Word 2000 Expert
Access 2002 Core
Excel 2002 Core
Excel 2002 Expert
PowerPoint 2002 Core
Word 2002 Core
Word 2002 Expert

Download Links:

Cisco Certifications

640-801 Cisco Certified Network Associate
640-811 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices
640-821 Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies
640-861 Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESIGN)
642-432 Cisco Voice Over IP
642-501 Securing Cisco IOS Networks
642-511 Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks (CSVPN)
642-521 Cisco Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced
642-531 Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System (CSIDS)
642-541 Cisco SAFE Implementationi (CSI)
642-577 Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist
642-582 Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist
642-611 Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS)
642-642 Implementing Cisco Quality of Service (QoS)
642-661 Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers
642-801 Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks
642-811 Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks v2.0 (BCMSN)
642-821 Building Cisco Remote Access Networksv2.0 (BCRAN)
642-831 Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting Support
642-871 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
642-891 Cisco Composite Exam

(ISC)2 Certifications


PMI Certifications

CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management
PMP Project Management Professional 2000

CheckPoint Certifications

156-110 Check Point Certified Security Principles Associate
156-210 Check Point Certified Security Administrator 156-210.4

CIW Certifications

1D0-420 CIW Site Designer
1D0-425 CIW E-Commerce
1D0-435 JavaScript Fundamentals

ORACLE Certifications

1Z0-001 Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL
1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i
1Z0-010 Oracle8: New Features for Administrators (Certication Upgrade from Oracle7 to Oracle8)
1Z0-020 Oracle8i: New Features for Administrators
1Z0-030 Oracle9i: New Features for Administrators
1Z0-031 Oracle9i: DBA Fundamentals I
1Z0-032 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II
1Z0-033 Oracle9i Performance Tuning
1Z0-035 Oracle9i New Features for Oracle7.3 and Oracle8 OCPs
1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators
1Z0-042 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I
1Z0-101 Develop PL/SQL Program Units
1Z0-130 Oracle Forms Rel. 1 to Rel. 6/6i New Features
1Z0-131 Build Internet Applications I
1Z0-132 Build Internet Applications II
1Z0-147 Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL

NOVEL Certifications

50-632 Networking Technologies
50-649 TCP/IP fro Networking Professionals
50-650 Internet Security Management with BorderManager Enterprise Edition 3.5
50-653 NetWare 5.1 Administration
50-654 NetWare 5.1 Advanced Administration
50-658 Service and Support
50-664 Novel eDirectory Design & Implementation
50-676 Upgrading to NetWare 6
50-677 Foundatations of Novel Networking
50-681 Novel Network Nanagement: NetWare 6

IBM Certifications

IBM-700 DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals

LOTUS Certifications

273 LotusScript in Notes for Advanced Developers
513 Using JavaScript in Domino R5 Application
601 Notes Domino 6 Application Development Update
602 Notes Domino 6 System Administration Update
610 Notes Domino 6 Application Development Foundataion Skill
611 Notes Domino 6 Application Development Intermediate Skill
620 Notes Domino 6 System Administration Operating Fundamentals
621 Notes Domino 6: Building the Infrastructure
622 Notes Domino 6: Managing Servers and Users

CompTIA Certifications

220-301 A+ 2003 Core Hardware
220-302 A+ 2003 Operating System Technologies
IK0-002 i-Net+
N10-002 Network+ 2002 Objectives
N10-003 Network+ 2005 Objectives
PK0-002 Project+
SK0-002 server+
SY0-101 Security+
XK0-001 Linux+

SUN Certifications

310-014 Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 9 OE, Part I
310-015 Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 9 OE, Part II
310-016 Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 9 OE, Upgrade Exam
310-025 Sun Certified Programmer for Jave 2 Platform 1.2
310-035 Sun Certified Programmer for Jave 2 Platform 1.4
310-036 Sun Certified Programmer for Jave 2 Platform Upgrade Exam
310-044 Sun Certified Network Administrator for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment

Installation notes:
1. unRAR
2. Install whatever exams you want
3. Copy the patch_self_test.exe file to the installation directory (typically this is C:\Program Files\SelfTest)
4. Run the patch and you're good to go! If you decide later to install more exams, you need not re-apply the patch.
5. Good luck on your exams!!

PLATFORM: Windows XP SP2, Win2K3 SP1, Vista, Win2008
FILES : 353mb
FIX : Patch



Added Winrar Recovery Record:

WINAVI 9.0 Video Converter with Serial

Have you ever been limited to the videotape format? Especially when you really wanted to share films with your family and friends.
WinAVI Video Converter can help you solve your problems!
It is a software program for converting video formats at fast speeds and high quality.
WinAVI Video Converter supports almost all formats of video including :
DivX, XVid, ASF, WMV, RM,
QuickTime MOV, and Flash SWF.


WinAVI Video Converter is software for video conversion. By using our product, users are released from the limitations and difficulties of video formats. It can support almost all formats of video including AVI, MPEG1/2/4, VCD/SVCD/DVD, DivX, XVid, ASF, WMV, RM, QuickTime MOV, Flash SWF. Also, it allows you to burn to VCD/SVCD/DVD. A powerful AV compress engine can complete a whole AVI movie conversion and burn it to DVD just in 1 hour. You can enjoy the film with your home & PC DVD Player.

* AVI to DVD
* AVI to VCD
* AVI to MPG
* Flash SWF conversion
* It can convert all formats to MPEG1/2, VCD, SVCD, and DVD and burn to VCD, SVCD, or DVD disc.
* It can convert all video formats to AVI/WMV/RM/ASF/Divx/Xvid
* QuickTime MOV conversion.
* Real DVD Navigator encoder included.
* DirectAC3 technology supports AC3 5.1, which is state of the art technology. It is up to 20% faster with AVI files including AC3 audio.
* Real Dolby AC3 audio encoder included.
* Burning VCD/SVCD/DVD.
* Stunning video and audio quality.
* User-friendly interface that is easy to use.
* Has the option to preview the video in real-time.
* Has the option to automatically shutdown your computer when the conversion has been completed.

Why choose WinAVI Video Converter?

High speed

WinAVI Video Converter includes ZJMedia's AV compress engine, which is state of the art technology. The high speed saves a lot of time for you to enjoy your digital life. Below are the test results for the amount of time it will take to convert a movie into a different format.

High quality video and Dolby AC3 5.1 audio

The state of the art AV compress engine will give you a very fast conversion that gives you both high quality video and Dolby AC3 5.1 audio! With WinAVI Video Converter, you will get a perfectly converted movie that is as good as the original!

Supports almost all popular format conversions
WinAVI Video Converter supports almost all popular formats including AVI/DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG1/MPEG2, even WMV/RM/ASF/DivX/Xvid and QuickTime MOV and even the popular Flash SWF on the internet.

With just one click to convert
The interface of WinAVI Video Converter has been designed to be user-friendly and can be easily operated by anyone. All a user needs to do is click on the menu and all the options of the program are available to you. All conversions can be done easily and smoothly. WinAVI Video Converter is easy to use for the beginner as well as having advanced functions for the professional user. You can start to use it now and receive unlimited enjoyment from your digital life.

Download links:

Windows XP SP3 9 in 1 ISO


Windows XP SP3 9 in 1 ISO
Size : 847 MB

This CD contains 9 versions of Windows XP with Service Pack 3 integrated, straight from Microsoft. Several files have been patched, uxtheme.dl_ (for custom themes), sfc_os.dl_ (for System File Check), and tcpip.sy_ (to enable more TCP/IP connections). You can find the untouched versions of all the files in the TOOLSUNPATCHED folder found it the root directory of this ISO. This release is ISO because of the special filesystem required. ISO's can be made of any of the versions of windows on the CD. There is a 'special' version of Windows XP Media Center 2005, an 'Integrated' ISO which can be created. This integrated ISO's has both CD's of Media Center in one for easier installation.


Windows XP Home OEM with Service Pack 3
Windows XP Home Retail with Service Pack 3
Windows XP Home Upgrade with Service Pack 3
Windows XP Media Center 2005 with Service Pack 3
Windows XP Pro Corp with Service Pack 3
Windows XP Pro OEM with Service Pack 3
Windows XP Pro Retail with Service Pack 3
Windows XP Pro Upgrade with Service Pack 3

Download Links:

CSI Safe v12.01 Portable


SAFE is the ultimate integrated tool for designing reinforced and post-tensioned concrete floor and foundation systems. This version introduces versatile 3D object based modeling and visualization tools. Charged with the power of SAPFIRE this release redefines standards in practicality and productivity.

From framing layout to detail drawing production, SAFE integrates every aspect of the engineering design process in one easy and intuitive environment. Although its name is unchanged, the all-new SAFE is vastly enhanced and improved in every facet. It provides unmatched benefits with its unprecedented combination of power, functionality and ease-of-use.

The following is an outline of the capabilities of the new SAFE product:


Project Initialization
• Project initialization from company standards, existing projects, design codes, materials,
sections, existing models or program defaults
• Templates for flat slabs, two-way slabs, waffle slabs, ribbed slabs, isolated footings,
combined footings, and mats
• Automated generation of P/T tendon layout for flat slabs

Objects and Tools
• Multiple grid systems including rectangular, cylindrical, and general
• User Coordinate System (UCS) for on-the-fly system definition
• Rectangular, circular, T- and L-shaped columns and braces
• Curved beams and curved slab edges
• Curved walls and sloped ramps
• Drop panels and openings (loaded or unloaded)
• Slab discontinuities due to construction joints or elevation changes
• Arbitrary geometry and loadings, including variations in thickness
• Horizontal and vertical tendon profiles with interactive graphical editing
• Multi-segmented design strips including skews and varying widths

Meshing and Constraints
• Powerful mesh generation options: rectangular, cookie-cutter, and general
• New edge constraint connects mismatched slab meshes
• Meshing allows for moment and shear releases in slab

Model Explorer
• Easy access to all features of program without using menus
• Define, duplicate, and modify properties using the tree structure
• Property- and object-based selection
• Property assignment by drag-and-drop on model view or within tree
· Context-sensitive menus on each item in the explorer

• Automated design-strip drawing using grids
• Design-strip width automation
• Automated generation of pattern loading based on panels
• Automated generation of tendon-profiles using load balancing
• Strip-based automatic tendon layouts
• Automated finite element meshing

• Line, area, tendon, design-strip, support, and text drawing tools
• Quick-draw options for object creation
• Intelligent snaps, with control on snap length and angle increments
• Switching between available snaps using N key
• Graph paper as horizon or background for easy snaps
• AutoCAD architectural plans can be used as geometric reference for snapping and tracing
• Architectural units for drafting (Imperial units)
• Length and angle measurement tools
• Drafting on user-defined 3D working planes and developed elevations
• Curve drawing using arc, spline, and multi-segment tools
• General design-strip drawing as poly-lines with varying width
• Architectural dimension lines with guidelines linked to points, lines, and edges
• Cardinal points for offset insertion of beams, columns, and walls
• On-screen editing of selective data using right-button click
• Editing with move, nudge, mirror, and replicate
• Real-time zoom and rotation while drafting

• New enhanced graphical display in plan and 3D
• Developed elevations for display and drafting
• Display of deformed shapes and loading diagrams
• Animation of deformed shapes
• Slab displacement, moment, shear, stresses, and bearing pressure contours
• User controlled averaging for contour displays
• Beam moment and shear diagrams
• Reaction force diagrams
• Integrated strip moment and shear diagrams
• Design displays for design strips
• Stress-check displays for post tensioning
• Graphical display of required reinforcing for slabs and beams
• Extruded 3D views of columns and walls
• Clear display of wall junctions in 2D and 3D
• Waffle extrusion with openings
• Smooth shading for curved line and area objects
• Continuous rotation with mouse drag
• Built-in image and video capturing
• Multiple lighting options and transparency using Direct-X

Installation NFO:

**** Always remember to block applications (or go off line) from calling home 'during install'.
Once installed, disable 'check for automatic updates' option if available, so that you don't get it blacklisted.

PLATFORM: Windows XP/Vista
FILES : 59.4mb
FIX : Portable

Download Links:


DivX Pro 7.2.0 Build

The next generation of DivX video! Enjoy true HD video with DivX® 7 for Windows. Play all DivX and DivX Plus™ HD video (MKV) with our free offering and purchase DivX Pro 7 to create your own HD videos.
A Cinematic Video Experience! We're now introducing the next generation of DivX technology with DivX 7 — our new software that lets you create and play full HD H.264 (MKV) videos. H.264 is a new standard that is poised to power the high definition video revolution by offering incredible visual quality, performance and efficiency. DivX 7 gives you all the tools you need to take full advantage of H.264 for a truly cinematic video experience.

DivX® is a digital video format that offers a high-quality viewing experience on any device or platform — from your PC to your phone to your living room TV. Over 100 million devices that support DivX video have shipped worldwide from major manufactures, including DVD players, gaming consoles, mobile phones and more. Look for the DivX logo when you buy your next device to ensure that you can enjoy your videos anywhere you choose.

DivX® gives you the power to watch, create and share high-quality videos on your Windows or Mac computer. DivX technology enables highly compressed video without compromising visual quality — so you can enjoy a cinematic experience on your computer, in your living room or wherever you go.
• Convert your video, including HD files, to DivX video using DivX Converter, or create video compilations with DVD features using DivX Author
• Post a DivX video to your site using DivX Web Player
• Watch your videos, even HD videos (H.264/AAC) from the Internet, with DivX Player

DivX® technology lets you take your high-quality videos from your computer and play them in full-screen glory on your living room TV. Use one of the millions of DivX Certified® devices, such as a Blu-ray DVD player, gaming console or DivX Connected device, to watch your videos directly on your TV.
• Stream your videos, photos, music and Internet video (e.g. YouTube) to your TV with DivX Connected™
• Burn a video to disc for playback in a DivX Certified DVD player
• Copy a video to a USB drive or a SD card and watch it on a DivX Certified TV

You don't stay in one place and neither should your media. With a DivX Certified® mobile device, you can watch your high-quality DivX® videos, and even record new ones, wherever you go.
• Watch your videos anywhere your phone goes
• Shoot your own video with a DivX Certified digital camera or mobile phone
• Travel in style with video playback on any DivX Certified portable media player or in-car media player

• Plays DivX video (.divx, .avi)
• Plays HD H.264 video (.mkv)
• Supports AAC and MP3 audio
• Includes DFX Audio Enhancer

• One-step conversion to DivX video
• Outputs .divx ,.avi, .mkv files
• Includes DivX Plus™ HD encode profile
• Includes advanced encode settings

DivX® Pro 7 for Windows is our premium software offering, providing everything you need for a true HD experience. Utilizing our latest and greatest video technology based on H.264, the new standard for HD digital video, DivX Pro 7 lets you create HD video and play MKV videos with high-quality AAC audio. You can also play your DivX files (.divx, .avi) on millions of DivX Certified® devices today. Look for DivX Plus™ HD Certified devices later this year that will support playback of all DivX and DivX Plus files, as well as .mkv (H.264/AAC) videos from the Internet.

DivX Player - Now playing: the future of HD video

Kick back and enjoy true HD video the way it’s meant to be seen. Optimized for both DivX® and DivX Plus™ (.mkv) playback, the DivX Player is the best way to experience cutting-edge digital video on your computer.
• Play all DivX videos, including new DivX Plus HD (.mkv) videos and H.264/AAC files from the Internet.
• Burn DivX videos to disc for playback on millions of DivX Certified® DVD players
• Watch premium DivX videos with support for other popular formats
• Get pure 5.1 channel, room-rattling surround sound
• Support for .srt subtitles for a more complete viewing experience

DivX Web Player - Play and embed HD DivX video in your browser

DivX Web Player lets you play up to HD-quality DivX® video in your web browser. You can also use DivX Web Player to easily embed DivX videos onto your website or blog.
• Play DivX video (up to 1080p HD) in your browser
• Easily add DivX video to your website or blog
• Download videos to watch later
• Enjoy multiple audio tracks and subtitles in your browser

DivX Converter - Drag-and-drop DivX HD video creation

Convert your digital videos to the DivX® format for playback on your computer or DivX Certified® devices in one easy step. DivX Converter now supports the new DivX Plus™ HD profile so you can easily convert your HD video to H.264 (.mkv) with AAC audio.
• Easily convert your digital videos from most popular formats (e.g. WMV, AVI, MOV) to .divx and .mkv in one step
• Use the pre-set profiles to ensure that your videos will play on a variety of DivX Certified devices including DivX Plus HD Certified devices coming soon
• Merge multiple videos into one DivX file and add external subtitles
• Use advanced encoding settings to take more control over your video output

DivX Pro Codec - The heart of your HD video experience

The codec that revolutionized the video world is at it again. Like the free DivX® Community Codec, the DivX Pro Codec supports playback of all DivX videos (.avi, .mkv., .divx). We call this version "pro” because it also includes fancy advanced encoding settings to let you create high-quality DivX videos with third party software that will play on any DivX Certified® device.
• Create high-quality, highly compressed DivX videos using third-party software or with DivX Converter
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Windows Vista® Eternity™ 2009 SP1 X86 (Genuine Version)

Note: The pictures and system files which i created in Vista® Eternity™ 2009 does not belong to any other persons.No Viruses, Malwares and Backdoors. Tested with Kaspersky, NOD32, Avast and AVG 8.0Platform:Windows Vista Compilation Date04.09.2008Versionased on Vista Ultimate Category :Operating SystemActivation Needed :No CD-Key : NoSize:5.95 GB (5995 MB)No of DVD's : 2 (DVD-1 = 3.82 GB, DVD-2 = 1.92 GB in ISO image format)Author: Benjamin(Rockers International Team)Minimum System Requirements:• 1GB RAM• 20 GB of HDD space• 128MB of Graphics Memory (Capable to run Windows Aero)• 17’ inch Monitor (1024 x 768)• DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM• Above Pentium IV ProcessorThis Operating system is purely designed from Genuine Vista Ultimate by Benjamin (Rockers International Team). It will be more comfortable, faster and reliable when compared to Vista Black 2009 and other vista operating systems. All the error which the user faced in vista ultimate are fixed and tweaked. New hot fixes, updates and the Vista SP1 package are integrated. All the dream scene packs are activated. The Dolby digital plugins are also integrated for more fun with musics. New windows sounds, New Gadgets, New Login screen, New Default theme, new Icons, New Buttons, New Sample Musics and more…. You can install any hardware without any problem, all the hardware errors are fixed. Just install this Vista Eternity 2009 and start your work. No need of installing any 3rd party softwares by searching the CD’s or DVD’s. All the softwares which you need to run quickly after installing a OS are inside. Genuine Microsoft office 2007 is included. System files are boosted upto maximum performance.• New Windows Sounds* No more BSOD error screens* All Windows Ultimate Extras Integrated* UAC Disabled* Enabled AntiSpyware Realtime Protection* Show extensions for known file types* Enabled IE Phishing Filter* New Default Theme* Extra 3'rd Party themes* Windows Powershell 1.0* Hibernation is Disabled.* It will give full supportive for the High Definition Games.* 600 Sidebar Gadgets* Latest Dreamescene Packs (Exclusive and Premium Packs)* New Logon Screensaver added* New Login Screen* New Icons* New Buttons* New Look for windows media center* Registry Tweaks are added( Copy to, Move to, Command Prompt, Take ownership, Encrypt and more)* Maximum parallel downloads for IE to 20 (Default is 2)* New Updated graphics card drivers are integrated.* New Explorer View* New Setup Process* Patched Uxtheme files so u can use any 3rd party themes* Classic Control Panel* DirectX Updated* System Files are boosted upto maximum Performance* All Printers Drivers (Updated)* All Graphics card drivers (Updated)* All Sound Card Drivers (Updated)* All SCSI-RAID Drivers (Updated)* All Scanners Drivers* Resolved some reliability issues in the USB core components* Added hotfix for resolving some performance and reliability issues* Improved the reliability of Windows Media Player* Resolved an issue where messages become stuck in the Outbox and cannotbe deleted when usingWindows Mail* Resolved a set of known application compatibility issues* Resolved the issue in which Microsoft Windows Search Indexer stopsworking and closes.* Resolved an issue in VBScript/JScript scripts from CScriptWScript hosts,certain built-ins may not function correctly when “Standards and Formats” in“Regional Settings” is changed.* Updated IR Set Top Box database for Media Center for Windows VistaEternity 2009.* Updated to show new error codes provided for WUSAS for update detectionvendors.* Resolved an issue where an error message is displayed when installing anew hardware device on a system running Windows Vista Eternity 2009.* Resolved potential Graphics Virtual Address problems that may occur whenrunning Windows Vista Eternity 2009.* Updated ActiveX KillbitsDrivers Which are missed in Vista by default are fixed:* Graphics card drivers forIntel(R) G31 Express ChipsetIntel(R) G33 Express ChipsetIntel(R) G35 Express ChipsetIntel(R) G965 Express ChipsetIntel(R) Q33 Express ChipsetIntel(R) Q35 Express ChipsetIntel(R) Q963 Express ChipsetIntel(R) Q965 Express ChipsetIntel(R) 4 Series Internal ChipsetIntel(R) Q45/Q43 Express ChipsetIntel(R) Q45/Q43 Express ChipsetIntel(R) G45/G43 Express ChipsetIntel(R) G45/G43 Express ChipsetIntel(R) G41 Express ChipsetMobile Intel(R) 45 Express Chipset FamilyMobile Intel(R) GL960 Express ChipsetMobile Intel(R) GLE960 Express ChipsetMobile Intel(R) GM965 Express ChipsetMobile Intel(R) GME965 Express ChipsetOther Intel Drivers are updated upto August 2008. The above drivers which is mentioned will be installed during Windows Installation.Note: For other models which is lower than thesemodels wil be automatically installedby default.*Other Graphics Drivers forATI All in Wonder 2006 SeriesATI All in Wonder (for all models)ATI All in Wonder Pro 9800 SeriesATI HD Radeon 4870 SeriesATI Radeon 9800 SeriesNVIDIA 200 SeriesNVIDIA Geforce 5FX SeriesNVIDIA Geforce 8M seriesNVIDIA QUADRO FX SERIESNVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTXNVIDIA GeForce 9600 GTNVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSONVIDIA GeForce 9400 GTNVIDIA GeForce 9300 GSNVIDIA GeForce 9300 GENVIDIA GeForce 8800 UltraNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTXNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTSNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GSNVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTSNVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTNVIDIA GeForce 8600 GSNVIDIA GeForce 8500 GTNVIDIA GeForce 8400 GSNVIDIA GeForce 8400 SENVIDIA GeForce 8400NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GSNVIDIA GeForce 8300NVIDIA GeForce 8200NVIDIA GeForce 8200/NVIDIA nForce 730aNVIDIA GeForce 8100/NVIDIA nForce 720aNVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GTNVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTXNVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTONVIDIA GeForce 7900 GSNVIDIA GeForce 7800 SLINVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTXNVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTNVIDIA GeForce 7800 GSNVIDIA GeForce 7650 GSNVIDIA GeForce 7600 GTNVIDIA GeForce 7600 GSNVIDIA GeForce 7600 LENVIDIA GeForce 7500 LENVIDIA GeForce 7350 LENVIDIA GeForce 7300 SENVIDIA GeForce 7300 LENVIDIA GeForce 7300 GTNVIDIA GeForce 7300 GSNVIDIA GeForce 7200 GSNVIDIA GeForce 7100 GSNVIDIA GeForce 7150 / NVIDIA nForce 630iNVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630iNVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 620iNVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 630iNVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610iNVIDIA GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630aNVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630aNVIDIA GeForce 6800 XTNVIDIA GeForce 6800 XENVIDIA GeForce 6800 UltraNVIDIA GeForce 6800 Series GPUNVIDIA GeForce 6800 LENVIDIA GeForce 6800 GTNVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS/XTNVIDIA GeForce 6800 GSNVIDIA GeForce 6800NVIDIA GeForce 6700 XLNVIDIA GeForce 6610 XLNVIDIA GeForce 6600 VENVIDIA GeForce 6600 LENVIDIA GeForce 6600 GTNVIDIA GeForce 6600NVIDIA GeForce 6500NVIDIA GeForce 6250NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE TurboCache™NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache™NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LENVIDIA GeForce 6200 A-LENVIDIA GeForce 6200NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LENVIDIA GeForce 6150NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 420NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 400NVIDIA GeForce 6100PROGRAMS:* Microsoft Office 2007 (Genuine)* 7-Zip* Mozilla* Adobe Flash Player* Hyper Snap 6* Rocket Dock* Winrar* K-Lite Codecs 4.14 Full* Image Burn* Vista Codecs* Dolby Digital Surround Plugins* Yahoo messenger for Vista Eternity 2009* Ashampoo Music Studio* Microsoft Plus! for Vista* DVD Shrink 3.2* J. River Media Center* DVD Region Free 5.9* Nero 8.4 Ultra* Internet Download Manager 5.14* ESET NOD 32 Antivirus 3.0* VLC Media Player* ACD See Photo Manager 10* Ultra ISO 9.3* Xilisoft Video Converter

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